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Small but mighty pub. €3 Guinness, Leitrim

Connolly's bar in Manorhamilton is a delightfully old school spot for a pint

Article from The Daily Edge July 2016 Here'st he link; Connollys bar Manorhamilton
Small but mighty. And €3 Guinness!

WITH ALL THE new-fangled bars and restaurants springing up around the country weekly, who could blame you for wishing for a pint in an old-fashioned Irish pub.

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Connolly’s Bar in Manorhamilton, Co Leitrim, is one of the precious few truly old school pubs left in Ireland, and it’s a delight.

Customers say it’s been the same for 50 years

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And sure if it ain’t broke…
There isn’t room to swing a cat in it

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There’s room enough for 20 customers. The whole place is a snug.
But the pints are top notch

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You have a choice of a pint of either Smithwicks or Guinness for the princely sum of €3. What more could you be wanting?
Most importantly, there are Emeralds behind the bar

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No fancy pub food, but you certainly won’t go hungry.
And if you’re lucky, owner Joe Connolly will sing you a song

Joe is renowned in Manorhamilton for his beautiful singing voice, and claims to knowthousands of songs - his wife Ita is often on hand to sing backup:


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So if you’re passing through Manorhamilton, you know where to go for a pint and some tunes. To Connolly’s!

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